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Electrical Technology

A wide selection of testing methods for electric and electronic components, as well as innovative voltage control systems make production safer. Users are protected from grid power fluctuations, and electric devices get the optimal power supply.

The testing of electric and electronic components is an important part of development and quality control both in industry and at universities. Comprehensive product testing is necessary in order to ensure that standards and specifications are followed and product safety can be guaranteed.

Ruhstrat® product line-up

Using a voltage controller in a low voltage grid means freedom from the dreaded grid fluctuations. Electrical equipment is optimally supplied with power at all times. This control and stabilization of the grid voltage leads to higher operational safety at the economically and electronically optimal level.

Ruhstrat® product line-up

Transformers, reactors and power resistors ensure highly reliable production. In addition to our full selection of standard products, Eisenmann also possesses the know-how to fulfill individual customer needs from planning to production with perfectly tailored plants and systems.

Ruhstrat® product line-up



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